What to do When You are Arrested

Getting arrested is one of the most frightening and overwhelming things the average adult will experience during his or her lifetime. Regardless of the reason for the arrest, the first thing a person focuses on is how to get themselves out of police custody as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this desperation to obtain freedom places some individuals at risk. Without meaning to, a person who is attempting to get out of jail or avoid charges may do or say something that extends hs or her stay in prison. Knowing what to do when you are arrested could reduce your chances of making a crucial mistake.

Stop Talking

Even though the arresting officers explain that everyone in custody has the right to remain silent to avoid incriminating themselves, many people ignore the warning and continue speaking to the police. Remember, anything and everything you say really can be used against you later. The only questions you should answer are those needed to process you such as your name, address, date of birth, and social security number. Do not volunteer explanations or offer excuses that a prosecutor could later use to show that you admitted guilt. The only person you should speak to after your arrest is your attorney.

Understand That the Police Report Information to Presecutors

The law enforcement officers detaining you are doing their job.  No matter how jovial they appear or how friendly they behave, never forget that the police arresting you report to prosecutors and will use all statements against you in court. The U.S. Supreme Court say police may lie to you in the hopes that you make an admission of guilt or to attempt to get you to lie to protect yourself or another, causing yourself more legal trouble.  Ask for an attorney immediately, do not answer any questions and do not volunteer information or believe the police if they begin making promises in an effort to get you to provide additional information or outright confess.

Stay Polite

No one who is under arrest is happy about the situation, but no matter how angry you are, do not get into an argument with the police. Obey their instructions and remain polite or respectful at all times. Yelling at the police, being rude, and going out of your way to make the arrest difficult will only make your life harder. If provoked, the police may add charges to your initial charge increasing the amount of money needed to bail you out of jail and the overall severity of your situation.

Call a Lawyer

When you are allowed to make a call reach out to a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney who can provide you with the representation you need. An attorney can speak on your behalf negotiating to reduce your charges or even getting your criminal charges dismissed. The attorneys at Brassel Alexander, LLC have years of experience representing defendants throughout Maryland. We are able to provide you with the aggressive defense you need in order to secure the best results possible. Contact our Annapolis, Maryland office at 443-837-9800 to schedule a consultation today so that we can begin discussing your case.

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