How to Choose a Qualified Criminal Defense Attorney

One mistake many people who are a charged with a crime make is failing to retain a qualified attorney at their earliest opportunity. Some hope to defend themselves in court, others put their faith in public defenders, while a few contact the first attorney they find during a basic search for representation. Unfortunately, these three methods for picking attorneys can seriously hurt a person’s chances of receiving reduced charges or having a case dismissed. Knowing how to choose a qualified criminal defense attorney can greatly influence how your case is resolved.

Check References

Research has shown that over 85% of consumers consult online reviews before making any purchases or major decisions. If you are a person who will not order food or purchase a pair of shoes without searching for reviews or outside references, do not retain an attorney without doing the same. Always check your attorney’s references to verify education and the outcome of major cases in which he or she was involved. A good lawyer who is professional and honest will have good feedback from past clients or associates. While even the best attorneys may have some negative reviews, a reliable attorney will have an overwhelming majority of positive feedback and praise from past clients.

Pay Attention to Communication Style

When you meet with your attorney, do you understand everything that je or she has told you? A good attorney will make sure clients are aware of what choices are available to them and that they understand exactly how the case is going. Consider hiring an attorney who uses clear language and phrases you can easily understand when going over legal documents, possible negotiation methods, and options related to your charges. The last thing you want to do is retain an attorney who never explains things in a way you can understand or who never communicates to you what is happening with your case at all.

Check  Trial Experience

While you may hope that your case is resolved without going before a judge or attending a trial, it is possible that a trial may become necessary. If this happens, you do not want to scramble at the last minute to locate an attorney who can take over your case in order to provide you with quality representation in court. Always retain an attorney with trial experience even if the fees are higher. It is better to be prepared for the eventuality of going to trial with an attorney who has handled your case from the beginning than finding yourself represented by a more affordable attorney who is not confident going to trial on your behalf.

Brassel Alexander, LLC

The criminal defense attorneys at Brassel Alexander, LLC have successfully litigated criminal trials throughout Maryland. We are prepared to provide zealous representation in all cases from misdemeanor traffic stops to murder cases. Our attorneys are able to work to have your charges dismissed or reduced without trial, or attend court to provide you with the defense you need.  Contact us to schedule a consultation at our Annapolis, Maryland office so that we can begin working on your case today.

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