Baltimore Jury Finds Tetso Guilty in No-Body Murder Trial

A Baltimore City jury found Dennis Tetso guilty of murdering his wife on Friday, despite the fact that the police have never found the woman’s body. The case is somewhat unusual, as jurors were asked not only whether or not the accused was guilty of a crime, but whether a crime had occurred at all. In other words, the jury had to determine that there had been a murder in the first place.

Tetso’s wife, Tracey Gardner-Tetso, had been missing since March 6, 2005, the night that she had been scheduled to meet up with another person at a Motley Crue concert. When Ms. Tetso failed to arrive at the concert, a long but unfruitful search began. Eventually, the police and prosecutors determined that she had been murdered, and began attempting to build a case. The focus of that case came to rest on Dennis Tetso, who had admitted that the couple’s marriage had experienced difficulties leading up to Ms. Tetso’s disappearance.

Tetso’s defense counsel argued at trial that there was no forensic, DNA or physical evidence connecting Tetso to any crime, and that the police misplaced their focus on Tetso merely because he was the missing woman’s husband.

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